This Scholarship is annual, and will be available to Local Aboriginal Land Council members again next year.


The establishment of the Fund was announced in a media statement and network message by former NSWALC Chairwoman Bev Manton.

The Fund is targeted at providing Aboriginal people in NSW with a broad range of educational and vocational opportunities. Ms Manton described the fund as NSWALC's "education revolution."

"It is one of the most exciting and innovative programs to be announced in the history of land rights in New South Wales," she added.

"I am confident it will be seen as a clear demonstration of NSWALC's ongoing commitment to the education of our people, their children and their children's children."

Awards under the scheme are open to all Aboriginal people in NSW and provide opportunities for study at primary and secondary schools, higher learning institutions, colleges and universities.

Scholarships provide financial assistance to help cover the cost of uniforms, text books, educational excursions (except sport excursions), tutorial assistance and fees for Boarding school, TAFE, Primary and High school.

The fund will run in conjunction with the existing Freddie Fricke Scholarship which is targeted solely at tertiary education.

Launched in 2007 the Education Endowment Fund saw financial assistance provided to 119 scholarship recipients in its inaugural year in 2008. The second round, announced in June 2009, saw 128 scholarships awarded out of the 257 applications.

NSWALC Education Endowment Website: